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At Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX we gladly provide patients with a complete menu of general, restorative, preventative and even specialized dentistry options. To offer such an extensive range of services, however, requires some fairly advanced technologies. Patients to our dental office will enjoy access to technologies like:

Being able to come to our dentist office and receive such advanced treatments ensures that your oral health remains at the greatest levels possible. Whether you are just enjoying a comprehensive exam or undergoing treatment using painless devices and methods, you will begin to view a trip to our office as a positive, fast and efficient experience.

Intraoral Camera

Technology always seems to shrink things to smaller and smaller sizes, and this is true for dental technologies as well. Today, we see some of the most advanced imagery coming from tiny intraoral camera equipment. Roughly the size of the average pen, these cameras have powerful lenses that transmit video footage directly to our computer screens, allowing our dental experts to zoom in on even the smallest or most concealed areas of a patient’s mouth.

This enables our dentists to uncover the earliest signs of decay or cavities, gum disease and more. It is also a beneficial technology because it can allow you to see for yourself if there are issues at work in your mouth. For example, our hygienist may use the intraoral camera to show you that you are missing a specific area when flossing or brushing. You can then take that information and improve your oral hygiene, reducing risks of decay or disease in the future.

Digital X-Raydental technology digital x-rays

Dental x-rays have long been associated with heavy lead vests, awkward and uncomfortable bite wings held at painful angles in the mouth, and even the need to re-shoot images that are blurry or inaccurate. Fortunately, that is at an end for our patients thanks to our use of digital x-rays.

These are done quickly and easily through the use of a sensor placed in the mouth and gently moved into the ideal locations for specific images of the teeth and gums. We are then able to immediately see the images on our computer screens, ensuring every shot is just as needed. This shortens your time in our dental chair too as we don’t have anything to develop or re-shoot.

The digital x-ray is beneficial also because of its ability to be enlarged and to reduce exposure to radiation by roughly 90% over traditional methods. Our use of digital x-rays is just another way of showing our commitment to your optimal oral health and well-being.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screeningvelscope dental technology

A dental exam looks for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and issues like uneven wear and tear from bruxism or other issues. We also offer oral cancer screenings using an advanced technology known as the VELscope.

This is an enhanced oral assessment device that is used as an adjunct, or part of an oral exam. We will first use intra and extra oral head and neck exams before we then shine the unique, handheld scope into the interior of the mouth. This amazing technology will automatically light up any areas of the soft tissue that contain abnormal cells.

This device is so sensitive and precise that it can detect pre-cancer as well as cancerous cells or tissue abnormalities. As many know, any sort of cancer is treated effectively when it is treated as early as possible. As part of your twice annual dental exams, be sure to request a VELscope oral cancer screening too.

STA Unit

Fear of needles keeps many patients from visiting the dentist. Yet, there are now technologies that make the “pinch” a thing of the past. You may already know of this technology, which used to be referred to as the WAND STA. It is, technically, a single tooth anesthesia system that uses a remarkable, computer technology to deliver anesthetic to a single tooth in a nearly painless manner.

Millions of people fear the dentist because of injections required for treatment. Even though the injections ensure a painless treatment, the initial pain caused by the needle and the complete numbing of large areas of the mouth that follow make many patients upset and unhappy. The STA Unit technology, however ensures our dentist can deliver the most precise injection, the ideal amount of drug delivery and all without causing great pain or discomfort.

If you are eager to have treatment done with painless, single tooth anesthesia and no excessive experiences of numbing for hours afterward, this technology is going to delight you.


Dental anxiety is often a combination of fears. Some dislike injections needed for treatment. Some dislike numbing and fear any threat of pain as well. Many dislike the vibration and noise of a dental drill. This is why we have introduced the remarkable technology known as DentalVibe to our dental office.

It is an innovative dental tool that vibrates the point of injection, preventing a patient from any experience of pain when they are being treated with anesthetic prior to treatment. In fact, many of our patients are treated with DentalVibe and don’t even realize that we have already done the injections needed to numb the area prior to treatment. It is an ideal treatment for children as it never allows them to experience the unpleasant pinching sensation of a dental injection, which is the time in life when so many patients begin to develop dental phobias and anxiety.

3M True Definition Scanner

Making molds of a patient’s mouth is often essential to creating well-fitted dentures, porcelain veneers, crowns and other appliances. Technology now allows us to make a remarkably accurate model or impression of the mouth through the use of the 3M True Definition Scanner.

More than an intraoral scanner, it features technology that creates a three-dimensional replica of a patient’s oral anatomy. In under five minutes, your entire mouth can be completely and accurately modeled for an array of treatment options. A small, hand-held wand is used to scan the interior of the mouth, capturing every detail. Whether you are someone who requires long span bridges to replace many teeth, multiple restorations or other complex dentistry, a technology such as the 3M True Definition Scanner ensures the best outcomes and the most comfortable and functional fit to your restorations.

The technology has a remarkable 99.7% fit rate, meaning its accuracy is close to 100%, which is far superior to almost any other existing technology. We can provide our patients with remarkable outcomes thanks to this device.

Dental CT Scan

Not only can we provide you with digital x-rays and other state-of-the-art dental technology at our New Braunfels dentist office, but our dentist can give you a CT scan of your mouth. CT scans of your mouth are used when digital x-rays do not provide enough information. For example, CT scans provide 3D images of your teeth, nerve pathways, and soft tissue in one simple scan.

We typically use this helpful piece of dental technology to complete better surgical planning for impacted teeth or dental implants. It can also be used to help diagnose TMJ, to evaluate your sinuses, jaw, nasal cavity and nerve canals. The CT scan can also detect tumors and help out with reconstructive dentistry. Most dental offices will have to send you to another location to use this piece of equipment, but we’re happy to provide it in our office for your convenience.

Experience Our Advanced Technology for Yourself

Now that you know some of the technologies we make available, it is time to book a visit to our New Braunfels office. Get in touch with us today by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our Contact page.

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