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    Specialized Treatments

Specialized Treatments

At Rivercrest Family Dental, P.A. in New Braunfels, TX we gladly provide patients with preventative and general dentistry options, but we also understand that there may be the need for specialized treatments in our dental office. As your preferred family dentist, we want you to be able to visit the dentist office for specialized treatments and solutions to:

Dental Emergencies

Emergencies can be very challenging,dental emergency specialized treatment and dental emergencies tend to add an extra level of upset, discomfort and fear to the situation. This is why we offer dental emergency services. Our policy is same day emergencies during business hours and we do all that we can to ensure prompt care for most issues.

Keep in mind that some dental emergencies, in fact a great many, can be avoided. Simple tips such as not using the teeth to open things or bite hard and chewy things cuts the risk for harm or injury, and wearing mouth guards during any sort of sport is also advisable.

Night Guards

If you have heard about the condition known as TMJ/TMD you may know that experts are not yet sure just how and why so many people develop it. Some experts say that tension and behaviors like teeth clenching and bruxism can be part of the problem.

Many people have bruxism but they do not develop any other issues, like TMJ/TMD. However, this doesn’t mean they can continue to clench the teeth throughout the night as this behavior eventually wears down the teeth and can even lead to breakage and loss. It can also create constant tension in the jaw, head and neck, leading to ongoing headaches.

Oral Surgery

The need for oral surgery can comeoral surgery specialized treatments about for an array of different reasons. It could be that you have a tooth that has been badly damaged and cannot be repaired, or has decayed and is no longer a candidate for a root canal. This would mean that an extraction is essential to your oral health.

Of course, some patients require oral surgery in order to move forward in the process of receiving dental implants. For instance, it is not at all unusual for a patient to need bone grafts to provide adequate jaw tissue for implants to be a success.
These are but a few of the reasons we offer oral surgery to our patients. Often, it will be part of a restorative process, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Children’s Dentistry

Did you know that a child should havechildren's dentistry specialized treatments their first dental appointment at the time of the first birthday? This is to introduce them to the dental office in a positive way and allow our dentist to be sure your child’s teeth are coming in at the right pace and in a healthy manner.

Of course, children’s dentistry is also one sure way to prevent your children from developing dental anxiety. This is the number one reason that so many adults avoid the dental office, and end up with serious issues that are both costly and painful to overcome.

Providing your children with an early and ongoing, positive experience of children’s dentistry is a great foundation for optimal oral health. We want to help you ensure your child’s future, and introducing them to an experienced, kid-friendly team is a great way to begin.

Sedation Dentistry

It is perfectly natural to feel anxious or even scared when heading in for some sort of dental care. Millions of adults experienced unpleasant dental visits as children and youths, and this has made them wary of any sort of treatment. Because we know how difficult any sort of fears or anxieties might be, we offer sedation dentistry of different kinds. Simple, oral sedation can relax you and allow you to feel no worry as you arrive and receive treatment. We are also proud to offer IV sedation, something few others provide, which ensures you have no memory of the treatment, no upset or fear, and absolutely no pain.


Did you realize that the joint that connects your lower jaw to your head is one of the most powerful and flexible in the body? Just think, it opens and shuts, it glides from side to side, and yet it can compress hard enough to allow us to chew tough and hard foods of all kinds. Of course, when something goes wrong with the TMJ or temporomandibular joint, it is immediately obvious. Problems are often summarized as TMJ/TMD, and they can be quickly remedied through treatments available in our office.

Sleep Apnea

Feeling very tired each morning? If so, and if yousleep apnea treatment specialized treatments have no other health issues, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. This is a condition in which you stop breathing many times each night because your airways are blocked. The blockage is usually the soft tissue of your mouth and throat, and it is collapsing back against the back of the throat when you lay down. This makes you gasp and snort to get air, and doing this repeatedly actually harms your overall health. Fortunately, we have simple and proven treatments for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea, and we can help you cut down on health risks and start sleeping like a baby again.

Visit Our Dentist for All Your Needs

We understand that family dentistry must be responsive and supply a lot of unexpected and innovative answers. We aim to meet those needs by ensuring our team can provide a good range of specialized services and dental treatments. If you have questions about any of these options available at our New Braunfels dental office, just get in touch with us today by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our Contact page.

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