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Smile Makeovers

Anyone familiar with modern reality television knows of the different makeover programs. They can be done to homes, rooms, wardrobes, and even entire people. There are also treatments known as a smile makeover, and this is something we are happy to offer to at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX.

Just What Is a Smile Makeover?

It is important to know that a smile makeover is something that requires more than a single treatment to complete. Typically, it might include such cosmetic dentistry services as:

However, before we even begin a smile makeover, we ensure our patients have the healthiest teeth and gums possible. That means you will have a visit with a general dentist in our dental office, and they can ensure you need no fillings, dental crowns or other restorative treatments. Of course, it might mean you discover you require dental implants for missing or lost teeth or that other restorative appliances, such as a partial denture, may be needed. Once we are sure your oral health is in order, we can then discuss the cosmetic issues that you wish to address.

You may not actually need a makeover if your smile is healthy and could be improved with a simple whitening treatment or the repair of a single tooth with a bit of bonding. However, if there is a list of issues that need to be addressed, we will create a customized approach to a makeover of your smile.

The Factors Considered

Keep in mind that a makeover looks at some factors that determine the outcome of the work. For instance, we consider your tooth color, the shape and length of the teeth, the conditions of the gums and the alignment of the teeth. The goal is to ensure your smile is the whitest possible, that any alignment and/or spacing issues are dealt with, and that your smile is complete and as natural looking as possible.

A Simple Makeover

As a simple example, let’s saysmile makeover that you have a chipped tooth, some moderate gapping and misalignment and deep staining due to years of coffee and tea drinking. You would be a good makeover candidate, and we might address the misalignment with porcelain veneers that can be achieved in two office visits. We would first lighten the teeth before making veneers in order to match the veneers to the lightest tooth coloration possible.

We could also address the gaps and misalignment with Clear Correct, which are a braces alternative that move the teeth into a better alignment. We could repair the straightened teeth with bonding or a single veneer.

Start Your Smile Makeover Today

As you can see, customized solutions are the answer for each patient, but it all begins with a visit to our cosmetic dentist. Are you eager to discuss a smile makeover? If so, it is time to talk with a dentist in our New Braunfels dentist office about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our Contact page.

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