Benefits of Root Canals

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    Benefits of Root Canals

benefits of root canals

Benefits of Root Canals

Modern day root canals are nothing like they used to be, which means that many patients who come to us in New Braunfels do not really understand the many benefits of root canals. They only remember the old horror stories and get anxious when the procedure is mentioned. In truth, though, there are many great things about root canal therapy. If you have recently been told that a root canal could be in your future, here is what you need to know:

Root Canal Therapy Is Fast and Painless

Relatively speaking, root canal therapy doesn’t hurt any more than getting a filling. Modern anesthesia has made it so that patients barely feel the procedure at all, and that allows their dentist to focus on saving and protecting their teeth, without worrying about the pain. Root canals are often faster than they used to be, as well. While some serious issues could take several hours over multiple visits, it is much more common for a root canal to take just a single hour from start to finish.

Benefits of Root Canals

Root canals work to protect your natural tooth, which is a very good thing for the rest of your teeth, as well. When you have your own natural tooth in place, your bite remains aligned and healthy; your other teeth are not being exposed to a lot of extra wear; and you are able to continue eating, speaking, and smiling the same way as always.

Endodontics today use a better filler material that keeps teeth far healthier in the long run, which reduces your chances of needing another root canal in the future. This means that you will experience less pain, less chance of infection or disease, and fewer reasons to visit your dentist in New Braunfels.

Learn More Benefits of Root Canals

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