Benefits of Dentures

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    Benefits of Dentures

benefits of dentures

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are often depicted as something that only the elderly need, but the truth is that dentures are used to treat a variety of patients every day in New Braunfels. Dentures provide many benefits to anyone who is missing teeth, and modern-day dentures are a lot more comfortable and natural than the clunky old fake teeth that your grandparents might have had.

Dentures Let You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

When you are missing teeth, you often end up having to restrict your diet to foods that are easy to digest without chewing. You may also avoid social situations or even going outdoors much because you are embarrassed by your smile. All of this adds up to a life that is physically and emotionally unhealthy. With dentures, you can eat a balanced diet, and you will feel more confident around others.

Dentures Are Custom Made

Do you remember seeing dentures that were just comically huge on a small elderly woman, giving her a shark-like appearance? That won’t happen to you today. One of the benefits of dentures now is that they are custom made to fit your facial structure. If you only need partial dentures, they will be made to match your other teeth exactly, so that you have a totally natural smile.

Dentures Make You Look Younger

Our facial muscles are designed to be supported by our teeth and jaw bone structure. Without all your teeth, your muscles and skin can sag, making you appear older than you are. Your dentures specialist in New Braunfels can actually double as your plastic surgeon, giving your muscles a boost and making you look years younger. Restorative dentistry may be primarily focused on getting your teeth and gums healthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the side effects.

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