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Dental Implants

Though there have been enormous gains in dental care technologies over the years, there are still many people who suffer the loss of adult teeth on a regular basis. Whether due to injury and accident or decay and gum disease, the loss of your adult teeth can still occur. In the past, the only solution would be dentures or bridges (if possible). Today, though, there are dental implants, and these are a truly remarkable opportunity available to patients of Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX.

Understanding Dental Implantsdental implants

As the name implies, dental implants are appliances implanted into the mouth where they serve as fully-functional replacements for missing teeth. They involve several steps, and patients must visit our dental office to speak with a restorative dentist to determine if they are a candidate for dental implants.

Almost everyone is a good candidate for this treatment. If you can safely have oral surgery or an extraction, it is likely that you are a candidate for implant treatment. Heavy smokers, patients with heart disease, diabetes or who are in the midst of radiation treatments may not qualify.

The way the procedure works is actually very straightforward and simple. The restorative dentist is going to insert a post into the gum and jaw tissue where the lost tooth once stood. After the insertion, the patient will need to heal and allow the post, which is a functional substitute for the original roots of the tooth, to bond with the tissue.
Once the healing is done, a dental crown is placed on the upper portion of the post, known as the abutment. The patient can then use the tooth exactly as they did the natural tooth.

Of course, we don’t offer only single tooth replacements. We can discuss your needs for multi-tooth implants or even help you determine if implant supported dentures or all-on-4 implants are a good choice. These would help those who have lost an entire set of teeth on the upper or lower jaws – or both.

Why Use Implants

  • Naturally, if you see the word dentures associated with implants, you might ask why use implants at all? Why not stick with dentures? The reasons are simple. The benefits of implants include:
  • They improve speech by remaining firmly in place, unlike dentures that might slip.
  • They improve the health of the jaw and gum, preventing remaining teeth from moving and stopping any bone loss.
  • They allow you a full diet.
  • They improve self-esteem, oral health and appearance.
  • They last for decades and are remarkably easy to care for.
  • They can be used by our cosmetic dentist to replace missing teeth and also restore function.
  • These are but a few of the benefits of implants or even implant dentures. We also offer mini implants that allow a patient to enjoy the benefits of implants on the lower jaw.

Contact Our Dental Implants Dentist to Learn More

Now that you know more about dental implants, it is time to visit our dentist office talk with a dentist in New Braunfels about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our Contact page.

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