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Clear Correct

Braces…few adults or even teens wish for them, though they all want the perfectly aligned smile that braces bring. Fortunately for our patients at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX we make the innovative Clear Correct solution available.

What Is Clear Correct?

This is a wonderful braces alternative that uses clear “aligners” to slowly and permanently straighten the teeth or correct the bite. The aligners are trays custom made to the patient’s needs and nearly invisible to the eye. They are worn throughout the day and night, except when eating and are beneficial because they allow for optimal oral hygiene, a regular diet and yet also correct the same issues as traditional wire and bracket braces.

You may know about other invisible aligner systems similar to Clear Correct, but not all use the same approach. Where Clear Correct is concerned, the patient has a lot of input into the process and choose from the three different treatment options. These include a series of six aligners, a series of 12 or an unlimited number needed to complete treatment. Clearly, this is a financial choice, but all treatment with this system is going to adhere to the same methods.

The Methods Used

This system is based on four distinct phases of correction, with the time between each phase varying, but typically each new aligner is worn for three weeks before being replaced with the next in the series.

Of course, you may still wonder how it all works, and to answer that means looking at some advanced technologies. We will keep it as simple as possible. The process begins when you visit our dental office and speak with our general dentist or cosmetic dentist about your wish for straighter teeth.

Our team then takes impressions, uses devices to make special photographs and radiographs of the teeth and gums, and then this is all sent to a special lab where a three dimensional model of your mouth is created. The system than creates a “map” of treatment that shows how your teeth and bite can be moved from their current positions to healthier and more esthetically pleasing positions. A computer creates images of your current dental alignment and also an “after” image that shows what the aligners can do. The aligners are then molded from this series of images and maps, and you begin treatment.

You wear the aligners at all times, but few will even notice them and you soon get used to them throughout the day or night. Regular visits to our dental office allow us to check the progress of your alignment, and to give you the next aligner in the series if needed. Some patients are finished in as little as a year and some take a bit longer.

Start Your Clear Correct Treatment Now

Now that you know more about Clear Correct, it is time to talk with a cosmetic dentist in our New Braunfels dentist office about the treatment. Get in touch with us today by calling 830-625-7611 or by visiting our Contact page.

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