Losing your teeth is already a stressful time in your life, throw in expensive tooth replacements and you’ve got yourself a headache and even more stress than you can handle. This is one of the reasons that Rivercrest Family Dental is proud to offer affordable dentures in New Braunfels. We want to take away some of the stress of losing your teeth by providing you with affordable dentistry. With our many payment plans available and a large range of insurances that are accepted, dentistry is affordable to all of our patients. Learn more about affordable dentures available to you.

The Downsides to Living without Teeth

Finding a replacement for your missing teeth is very important otherwise you will experience the many downsides of living without teeth. To start, when you don’t have teeth, you will feel quite embarrassed when you smile. This will force you to smile with your mouth shut, or just hide your mouth with your hands completely. This is no way to live! You should feel proud of your smile and not have to hide your happiness because you’re embarrassed.

Not only will you find you toothless smile to be embarrassing, but you might actually start speaking with a lisp or other speech impediment. This is because your tongue needs your teeth there to guide it when pronouncing certain sounds. In addition to developing speech problems, you will find that your diet will be very limited without teeth. Say goodbye to chewing because you will only be able to eat soft foods that don’t require chewing. This can take a toll on the nutrients you receive in your daily life. If you want to avoid these downsides to living without teeth or you’re ready to live without them, consider booking an appointment for affordable dentures in New Braunfels.

How Affordable Dentures Can Help

Now that you know about all of the downsides of living without teeth, you might be wondering how affordable dentures can possibly help. To start, affordable dentures will give you back your smile. This means that when you’re feeling happy or someone tells you a joke, you don’t have to hide your smile behind lips or your hand. You can smile feeling proud of your full smile. Not only will smiling be a normal part of your life again, but you won’t suffer from a speech impediment. Once you get used to wearing your dentures, you can speak clearly like you once did. Lastly, you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods once again. Today’s dentures fit like a glove. This allows you to bite into corn on the cob, apples and all of your favorite foods with confidence. Say goodbye to eating a soft food diet.

Procedure for Dentures

Are you ready to transform your life with affordable dentures? If so, here’s what you need to know about the procedure at our New Braunfels dental office. To start, our dentist will examine your mouth to see if he needs to extract any additional teeth. If you need extractions, we will need to wait until your gums are completely healed before we can give you permanent dentures.

After we have confirmed that dentures are the best solution for you, we will take impressions of your gums to send off to the lab. The lab will construct dentures that look beautiful for your smile. They might even look just like your natural teeth from before! During this time, we will give you a set of temporary dentures to wear until the permanent ones return. After they return from the lab, we will ensure that they fit properly before sending you on your way. Some adjustments may be necessary. After this, we recommend that you visit us at least once per year so we can ensure that they still fit properly.

Tips for Those New To Dentures

When you’re given your pair of temporary dentures to wear, you might find that it takes a while to get used to. To start, speaking might feel a bit funny and you may have a lisp at first. To overcome the speaking problems, we recommend that you talk as much as possible so that your tongue gets used to the feeling of dentures in your mouth. The more you talk or sing, the faster you will get used to wearing them.

Next, you might find that eating or chewing feels weird at first. We recommend that you start by eating soft foods until you get used to the feeling. Once you begin to feel confident, feel free to upgrade to harder to chew foods.

Lastly, you might feel like your dentures are going to fall out if you bite into something or talk or smile the wrong way. This is not the case. Today’s dentures are made with the finest details to ensure that they won’t slip or slide. Once you overcome this fear, you will find that everyday tasks like eating, smiling and talking are easy.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Taking care of your affordable dentures in New Braunfels is the best way to prevent yourself from needing a new pair for a longer period. Make sure that you take your dentures out every night so that they can soak in denture cleaner. In the morning, brush your dentures with a denture brush and also clean your tongue and gums with toothpaste. Keeping your dentures clean is one of the best ways to make them last longer. In addition, make sure that you handle them with care because they are quite fragile. If at any time you feel that they don’t fit snugly, visit our dentist for an adjustment!

Visit Us for Affordable Dentures in New Braunfels

If affordable dentures sound like a good idea to you, it’s time that you made an appointment with our dentures dentist in New Braunfels. We can discuss if dentures or one of our other tooth replacement options are best for you. We also offer dental implants, implant supported dentures, dental bridges and more. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.