When you are living with missing teeth, it can make a lot of aspects of your life more difficult. From smiling without showing you gaps to avoiding certain foods that are difficult to chew. Some patients also experience speech problems after they lose their teeth. Whatever reason it is you lost a tooth or all of your teeth, you should be able to live a full life. Thanks to dentures in New Braunfels, you can restore your missing teeth and replenish your quality of life. Discover if dentures at Rivercrest Family Dental are right for you.

New Braunfels Dentures Can Make Eating Easier

When is the last time you were able to bite into a juicy steak or apple? Perhaps you are currently eating a diet primarily comprised of soft and mushy foods. Not only does this not sound appetizing, but your diet might be suffering. When you choose to replace your missing teeth with dentures, you can regain back your ability to eat with ease. Since today’s dentures are made to fit every crevice of your mouth, you will find that they stay secure and won’t slip or slide when you are eating. This will allow you to eat all of your favorite foods so say goodbye to your limited diet.

Replace All of Your Missing Teeth with Dentures in New Braunfels

Whether you need to replace all of your teeth or just a section, we offer full and partial dentures to get the job done. If you only have a few natural teeth left in your mouth and their future isn’t looking promising, our dentist may actually recommend having those teeth pulled and give you a set of full dentures for both your bottom and top jaw. This will save you from the pain and hassle of dealing with it in the near future. If all of your teeth are already missing, our dentist can easily take impressions of your teeth and send them off to the lab to construct your beautiful full dentures to replace your missing teeth.

After you are set up with your new dentures, you might find that it takes a bit of getting used to when it comes to wearing the dentures all day, speaking with them as well as eating with them. Just be patient, over time, you will hardly notice that they are even in your mouth. It’s like getting used to wearing a new earring or a watch all the time. It just takes an adjustment period before you can eat, speak and smile normally.

Dentures Make Speaking Easier

After you lose teeth, it’s actually quite normal to begin speaking with a lisp or experience other speaking problems. This is because your teeth help guide your tongue in the right place when you talk. Unfortunately one of the only ways to solve this problem is by replacing your missing teeth. When you first receive dentures, it’s normal to speak with a lisp for the first few weeks while you get used to wearing them. The best way to combat the lisp is by talking as much as you can. Singing can also help your tongue get better acquainted with the dentures in your mouth and help you speak without a lisp sooner. Once you get used to wearing your dentures, you can expect to speak without the lisp or other speaking problems you experienced before you replaced your missing teeth.

Dentures are Affordable

You might not know this, but dentures are very affordable. If you have dental insurance, you can expect for your insurance company to actually help you pay for your tooth replacements. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry, dentures are on the lower price spectrum than other tooth replacement options. In addition, we offer a selection of payment plan options to help you pay for your replacement teeth in the easiest way possible for you. Schedule a consultation at our dental office to discover how much dentures will cost you.

Reclaim Self-Confidence with Dentures in New Braunfels

When you lose your teeth you also might find that you have lost your self-confidence. It can be hard to feel confident when you know that there are gaps in your smile. It can feel even worse when you see people staring at your smile. This can leave you feeling a lack of self-confidence and self-conscious. This is one of the top reasons to consider replacing your teeth with dentures. Once your teeth are replaced, this feeling of self-consciousness and lack of self-esteem will go away for good. Dentures look completely natural and will help you regain faith in your smile. Stop hiding your smile behind your hands and show off your beautiful replacement teeth.

Make Dentures Secure with Implant Supported Dentures

Another one of the reasons you should consider dentures is because of having the option of making them even more secure with dental implants. Dental implants come with plenty of their own benefits like helping you maintain bone mass in your jaw which will help you keep a youthful appearance and prevent your jaw from drooping. In addition, dental implants help your dentures stay secure at all times. This means you never have to worry about your dentures falling out when you are eating, smiling, or talking to your best friends. With just 4 dental implants, we can secure one jaw of dentures. Our dentist will need to verify that you are a good candidate for implants before giving you the green light for dental implant supported dentures. If you need more bone mass in your jaw, we can provide you with a bone graft.

Visit our Dentist in New Braunfels for Dentures Today

If you are ready to restore your missing teeth with dentures, stop living life with missing teeth. Experience the benefits of dentures by giving our dentist in New Braunfels at Rivercrest Family Dental a call today or by filling out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!