When you have children, their health should be one of your top concerns as a parent. When we see kids for the first time at our dental office when they already have adult teeth coming in, we are concerned. When it comes to dental health, pediatric and children’s dentistry should be taken seriously. Adolescence is the time in a human’s life where life-long habits begin to form and if good dental hygiene and regular dental visits are not a part of your child’s, you might be setting them up for dental problems down the road. Learn more about the importance of pediatric dentistry and then visit Rivercrest Dental Care for all of your children’s dental needs.

What Exactly is Children’s Dentistry?

Before you learn more about children’s dentistry, you should probably know exactly what it is. Children’s dentistry or pediatric dentistry is the field of dentistry that is solely dedicated to children. Dentists must undergo additional and education to classify themselves as a pediatric dentist. During this study period, they must learn how to treat children differently than they would adults. This means how they interact with them as patients and how they treat them for different problems. This also includes the different preventive dentistry measures taken. Choosing a dentist who is an expert in children’s dentistry or has extensive experience in the field can only benefit the dental health of your child.

Children’s Dentistry Sets Healthy Habits

One of the reasons we want our patients who are parents to take children’s dentistry seriously is because it sets their child up for healthy habits that last the rest of their life. If they visit us regularly from the time they sprout their first tooth and are educated about good dental hygiene habits to implement at home, these are healthy habits that can help avoid serious problems in their future. You don’t want to have your child experience a root canal or the loss of a tooth if it’s an avoidable situation. When they visit us regularly for the duration of their life, it’s easier for us to catch problems before they turn into big problems that require serious treatments. As a result of these healthy habits, your child is more likely to avoid these serious dental problems in their future.

Children’s Dentistry Prevents Dental Problems

The main focus of children’s dentistry in New Braunfels is preventive care. One of the first things we do when your child visits us for the first time is x-rayed their mouth. This is so that we have an idea of what’s going on in their gums and if they have any missing teeth or teeth that might come in wrong. Next, we provide your child with sealants on their molars to add an extra layer to protect their teeth from bacteria, decay, and particles. After the sealants are put in place, we take a good look at their oral hygiene. If we find that they are not brushing or flossing effectively, this is where we step in to teach them proper brushing and flossing techniques. We might even give you a recommendation for electric toothbrushes that work well with children.

Next on our list of preventive care for your child is looking for problems that might be occurring that might cause future damage. For example, if your child is a thumb sucker or uses sippy cups for an extended period of time, this can warp their front teeth and cause other alignment issues. During your child’s first visit, we will not only be educating your child about dental care, but we will be educating you as the parent and how you can help your child live with healthy teeth. Aside from thumb sucking and sippy cups, you should also make sure your child is not sucking away at sugary drinks or eating a carb and sugar heavy snacks at every chance they get. Sugar causes cavities so it’s best to avoid sugary foods and drinks not only for the sake of your child’s dental health but overall health.

We will also look for problems like tongue thrusting in the sleep. This can cause your child to have gaps in their front teeth which will result in needing orthodontic treatment. We will look for other preventable problems occurring in your child’s mouth so you can avoid as many future treatments as possible.

Children’s Dentistry is Important for Overall Dental Health

As we said before, when you discover the importance of children’s dentistry, you will find that it’s important for your child’s overall dental health. Regular visits to our office for preventive care like fluoride, x-rays, dental cleanings and exams in addition to proper at-home care can benefit your child’s overall dental health. This can help them avoid cavities, gum disease, decay, and even bad breath. For the benefit of your child’s dental health, you need to take responsibility for their dental care and schedule regular dental visits and verify that they are brushing and flossing regularly.

Children’s Dentistry is Important for Tooth Development

Children’s dentistry also includes the assurance that teeth are developing correctly. This means that they are coming in straight and that they are not being damaged as they grow in. Your child might grind or clench their teeth at night. If this is the case, we are here to provide night guards so that their teeth are not damaged. We are also here to recommend an orthodontic treatment if we find that it is necessary to correct their bite. As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, it’s time to bring them in for their first dental visit!

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Today

Now that you know about the importance of children’s dentistry, it’s time that you take it seriously and put what you’ve learned into action. First, make sure your child is on a set schedule of dental exams. Second, make sure they are brushing and flossing effectively. Third, make sure they are eating a diet that is low in sugary foods and drinks. Fourth, give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule their next appointment at our New Braunfels dentist office or to ask us any questions you might have. We look forward to meeting your child and setting them up with a healthy mouth for life.