Do you think of something called “general” as being somewhat “all purpose” or even “common”? If so, does that mean that anything general is less substantial or significant? It’s okay if you think so…most people do, but it becomes a problem if you look at general dentistry in this way. This is because it is actually known as preventative dentistry and works as a frontline of defense against all other oral health issues. It is why the team here at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX wants our patients to know about the many benefits of general dentistry.

Start at the Beginning

As your trusted dentist in New Braunfels, we encourage you to pay regular visits to our general dentist in order to get the dental exams, cleanings and other treatments needed. This might include an oral cancer screening or even a filling for a tooth showing signs of decay.

And with that example we can begin to see the profound benefits of general dentistry. How? Well, just consider, if you skipped the general dentistry and did not get the cleaning, exam, screening and filling, a lot of problems could go unnoticed. That tooth decay could spread and cause you pain as well as lead to a much costlier repair, like a root canal with a dental crown. That cancer screening could detect any unusual changes in the soft tissue of your mouth, and the exam might catch the earliest signs of gum disease – stopping it long before it could evolve into a permanent problem.

So, that is just the beginning where the benefits of general dentistry are concerned. Let’s look past the most obvious and delve into the more surprising.

The Special Considerations

Though the benefits of general dentistry we have already considered are impressive, there are even more. For example, it is also an area of practice that looks at the problems that have gone unnoticed and worsened. This means periodontics to deal with gum disease, root canals to deal with deeply infected teeth and gums, and comprehensive x-rays to identify any challenging issues.

We also offer children’s dentistry as part of our general care. If patients struggle with serious dental anxiety, they can get sedation dentistry for even a basic exam or cleaning. We consider such issues as sleep apnea and TMJ solutions and offer night guards for those struggling with bruxism. All of this is to provide those benefits that identify and halt the worst issues before they go too far and cost you in terms of pain, time and money.

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