As all kinds of improvements in the world of dentistry have been made over the years, dentures have been changing too. No longer are they the ill-fitting, obvious, uncomfortable and last resort solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Today, they are impossible to distinguish from natural teeth, fit like a glove, and offer a tremendous improvement in your oral health and overall quality of life. This is why we, at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX are so glad to include dentures in our restorative dentistry solutions.

Understanding Dentures

To begin understanding a bit more about dentures, it helps to know that they are the work of a restorative dentist. This is because they do, as the name indicates, “restore” function to your mouth. After all, without your teeth, you are unable to eat, speak or chew as you did before, but a good set of well-fitted dentures provides you with the tools needed to use your mouth the fullest extent possible.

Now, you don’t have to lose all of your teeth for dentures to provide a good solution. We can offer you the traditional full dentures that replace the entire set of upper or lower teeth, but we can also fit you with a partial that is used to replace just a few missing teeth.

Getting Ready

There are so many reasons that our patients might find dentures as a possible solution. Accidents or injuries, disease or decay, or simply issues relating to age or illness can cause you to suffer the loss of your teeth. While dental implants provide a full replacement, they may not be within your budget or a workable answer to your needs. We will provide you with a full examination and evaluation to help determine what sort of solutions can restore your mouth to its fullest function.

We then make molds of your mouth, to ensure a good fit and proper alignment of your bite, and have our labs prepare them specifically for your needs. The use of dentures does not mean the end of regular dental care and all of our patients will have to visit for regular cleanings and exams once or twice per year. The great news is that this solution often lasts five to ten years before any new appliances will be required.

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