It is truly astonishing just how rapidly dental technologies have improved and expanded. Just consider implant dentistry. Only a few decades ago it was mostly theoretical and the procedures done were not always so successful. Today, this amazing area of dentistry has an astonishing 98% success rate! If you are not sure about implants, enjoy this dental implants overview and discover what we at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX can do for you.

What Does an Implant Dentist Do?

Perhaps you are not exactly sure just what goes on during implant dentistry. If not, let’s begin this dental implants overview by learning what the treatment involves. If you have lost an adult tooth, it means both the crown and the roots (inside the gums) are gone. This can be very problematic as it allows neighboring teeth to loosen and shift, changes your bite pattern, and can lead to everything from chipped teeth and TMJ to decay and further tooth loss.

Not only does a lost tooth cause this sort of trouble, but it can also allow the gum and bone to recede, weakening the jaws and causing further risk to the surrounding teeth. So, just this little bit of a dental implants overview shows that it is always preferable to replace the entire tooth – crown and roots.

Fortunately, this is exactly what an implant does. As your dentist in New Braunfels, we can provide the procedure through which the “roots” of the missing tooth are replaced with a long-lasting shaft that is implanted into the gum and jaw. This features an abutment at the top, and a dental crown is custom made to fit in place, working just as the original tooth did.

The Realities of Dental Implants

This dental implants overview would be incomplete if we did not consider issues like recovery times and success rates as well as other uses for implants. Recovery times can take several months while the tissue heals, and success rates, as we already learned are near 100%. This means it is a very wise and effective way to overcome tooth loss. What makes this dental implants overview even more exciting is that it too would be incomplete if it did not include some other uses for implants. While replacing a single tooth is one use, other patients may use them to secure dentures or dental bridges because they are so durable.

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