Do you remember the first time you sat in a dentist’s chair? Not many people do, yet it is important that parents expose their kids to proper oral hygiene and care very early in life. How early? Well, pediatric dentistry exists and is an option for children who are just reaching their first birthday. At Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX, we live up to our name, offering family dentistry that includes pediatric dentistry and children’s dentistry services for the very youngest members of the family.

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

It is interesting to discover that so many parents do not consider “baby teeth” as crucial as the permanent adult teeth that replace them. However, primary teeth are the only teeth your children have throughout a great part of their childhood, and it is those teeth that actually prepare the way for the adult teeth that follow. If those baby teeth are heavily decayed, it can jeopardize the adult teeth. If there is something disrupting the bite of the baby teeth, it can impact the adult teeth that are to follow.

If, however, you visit a pediatric dentist at the time your child turns one, they can help you be certain that the child’s teeth are free of decay or damage, that they are developing and emerging properly, and even show you how to clean them effectively. We like to tell parents that a lifetime of good oral health can start with pediatric dentistry because we ensure it is always a positive and happy experience for our youngest patients. Many with dental anxiety develop it from their earliest experiences, and so we strive to ensure that all of our pediatric patients have fun and leave happy.

As time passes, we can help you to transition your child into self-care routines. Showing them how to brush, what sort of brush is best and explaining how important it is for them to practice good dental hygiene.

As your dentist in New Braunfels, we offer pediatric dentistry in order to ensure that your children get a healthy attitude about regular dental care, get the kind of treatments needed to guarantee the healthiest baby and adult teeth, and that they learn the very best ways of brushing, flossing and getting regular preventative care.

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