In this day and age, we may not have the best opinion about the word “cosmetic” appearing in any procedure, but when it is cosmetic dentistry, it is important to set aside any pre-conceived opinions. This is because it is a form of dentistry that enables you to obtain a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy. After all, if you hide your otherwise healthy smile because you feel self-conscious about it, the cosmetic dentistry services at Rivercrest Family Dental in New Braunfels, TX can turn things around.

When to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

As your trusted dentist in New Braunfels, we will first ensure that your teeth and gums are in optimal condition. We can then discuss any of the issues that may be preventing you from showing off that healthy grin to the fullest extent possible. For example, maybe you were a long-time smoker, or you drink a lot of coffee or tea each day. If so, your healthy teeth might be unnaturally yellow or darkened. This is a moment for cosmetic dentistry, which involves such simple and effective treatments as teeth whitening.

It can be as simple as that, though our list of cosmetic dentistry options includes:

With these reliable and effective treatments, you can see your smile go from one you might hide or feel a bit self-conscious about to one that you can show off whenever laughing, smiling or simply talking and meeting others for the first time.

A Brief Overview

So, how complicated are these cosmetic dentistry treatments? Let’s look at each of them in a bit more depth. The porcelain veneers are a wildly popular option, with many people around the world thinking of them as a one-day dental makeover. This is because they can help those with chipped, cracked, moderately gapped or crooked, or permanently discolored teeth. In just two visits, this procedure can give you a dazzling new smile.

Bonding is similar and uses a tooth-colored material to form a cosmetic fix to a single tooth. Implant dentistry is both cosmetic and restorative, improving your oral health while allowing your bite to be as functional and attractive as possible. Tooth colored restorations, sometimes called crowns are a full replacement for the upper portion of a tooth and dentures replace an entire set of missing teeth. Each of these solutions provides multiple benefits and prove that cosmetic dentistry is valuable to those who require it.

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